Every part of the house needs deep cleaning. But when it comes to bathrooms and toilets, this is even more important.

A wide range of bacteria in the bath are harmful to humans and cause infections. In addition the moisture in the bath can cause problems such as fungus and mold. And molds can cause allergies to people with respiratory illnesses.

Among the bacteria in the bath:

Antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria

Gram-positive bacteria can cause skin infections, pneumonia, etc. It is therefore important to clean your bathroom to get rid of harmful bacteria.

The areas in the bathroom that need cleaning and disinfection the most:

·        Tub

·        Toilet seat

·        Shower head and faucet handle

·        Shower curtain

·        Bathroom floor

·        Walls

·        Sink

Bathroom fixtures should be replaced or disinfected regularly. Did you know that the shower curtain and shower head that you use in the bathroom have 60 times more bacteria than the restroom that you use!

Shower head contains Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen associated with lung disease.

How to disinfect and clean the bathroom?

Cleaning with chemicals called bleach is one of the common methods used to clean bathrooms and toilets.

But did you know that by using these bleaches, you enter the toxic gases from it into your body?

Also, these bleaching agents have no effect on molds and bacteria and are only changing the color of the desired surface. It creates the impression that the pathogens have been eliminated, but this is not the case!!

- The use of regular disinfectant products that are in the market

These products are very diverse in the markets, but you should know that some of these disinfectant products cause damage to surfaces and corrosion. It is therefore important to take a good look at the datasheets of these products.

- The use of household cleaning products

Using products such as white vinegar and baking soda to disinfect the bath only cleans the surface. But mold and bacteria are deeply rooted and do not go away easily.

What you should know is that these methods are not permanent and have other disadvantages:

The use of some chemical detergents and bleaches can irritate the skin and airways and can also decompose in heat and light and can be easily combined with other chemicals.

Hydrozid bio-organic product to kill bacteria and mold in the bathroom

To kill the bacteria on surfaces, we have created the innovative product Hydrozid. This product due to its manufacturing technology, i.e. Pico technology: particles smaller than nanoparticles reaches deep into the surface and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. This product protects surfaces for up to 3 months.

Advantages of Hydrozid over other disinfection products on the market

- Bio organic product

- Biobased and environmentally friendly

- Non-flammable

- 3 month protection of surfaces against viruses, bacteria, fungi and many more

 -Due to the presence of benzalkonium chloride, it does not cause any skin irritations.

- Due to having a balanced percentage of alcohol, the appearance of the surfaces is not affected and does not change the color of the surfaces.